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Zo niet, dan toch festival

Sharks in the IJ? A new fountain on the Buikslotermeerplein? Loud concerts in Tolhuistuin?

initiatiefnemers "Zo niet, dan toch" festival

Sander Veenhof & Klasien van de Zandschulp – initiators “Zo niet, dan toch” festival


Zo niet, dan toch festival

‘Zo niet, dan toch’ is the first festival that takes place entirely in the virtual world. It makes Augmented Reality (AR) and location-based virtual projects visible. Existing art forms can be presented in a new way by the arrival of this virtual stage; where everything seems possible. A platform that is open to everyone, the ticket is free and is actually already in your pocket: the mobile phone.

This is a one-day festival in Amsterdam North on Saturday 7th September. The festival showcases projects from a wide variety of artists, designers and developers. Part of the project was developed during a “hackathon” on 29th June.

Explore with your mobile phone in your hand a world full of stories around neighborhood quotes, sharks, leprechauns and naked Northerners. Meet architect Van der Pek – virtual, but in real life, go on safari in the Vogelbuurt and finish the evening with a virtual concert and Silent Disco Mobile in Tolhuistuin.


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‘Zo niet, dan toch’ takes place in the virtual public space throughout North Amsterdam


What to bring to a virtual festival?