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Cracking the secret code while dancing by finding your mysterious dancing partner

DuoDisco (silent mobile disco) is a popup disco and a game on your mobile phone. Goal: find the only other dancer on the dance floor who is listening to the same track!

DuoDisco combines listening to music on your phone with ‘disco dancing’ and gaming. The idea arose because it is not allowed to play amplified music in the Tolhuistuin. ‘Zo niet, dan toch’ were the thoughts of the creators of this project. With the DuoDisco you are able to pump up the music and dance away!

You start the game via your mobile phone, which automatically matches you to a person listening to the same track. When you find the person who dances to the same rhythm and throwing the same ‘moves’ you earn points!


_MG_1011Foto: Anita Bharos

10643015964_4f4e3d3d74_oFoto: Filianne Farigu

_MG_1112Foto: Anita Bharos

10642978245_c4f1b3cb62_oFoto: Filianne Farigu

L1000833Foto: Joeri van der Kloet

L1000884Foto: Joeri van der Kloet

L1000795Foto: Joeri van der Kloet

_MG_1090Foto: Anita Bharos

_MG_1112Foto: Anita Bharos