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About the Festival

Zo niet, dan toch is a virtual festival in Amsterdam North. The festival pushes the boundaries between art and technology. Existing art forms will be transformed to a new stage where everything is allowed: the virtual space. The festival will showcase this space and it’s opportunities.

Zo niet, dan toch wants to utilise space outside known museums and venues. The festival will enable a whole new dynamic between creators and audience; it is less dependent on the official venues, as the parallel virtual space offers a creative sanctuary. There is and never will be many rules or limitations in the infinity of digital media. The physical space is there; the virtual content manifests itself on the mobile screen, which is already in the hands of the audience. By using this technology it offers visitors a new, but familiar way experience new art forms.

Zo niet, dan toch offers an opportunity to experiment, inspire and share knowledge between creators of the virtual art projects. An important part of the festival was a one-day hackathon. Artists, developers and designers met in Amsterdam Noord for one day of hacking. Featuring presentations given by experts and the Zo niet dan toch team, the collaborators worked side by side, inspiring and learning from each other’s expertise. Amsterdam-Noord works temporarily as a creative lab in the virtual public space by bringing the value of virtual art forms together in an optimal setting. This encouraged developments in new media and interactive art.

Zo niet, dan toch began after a conversation with the cultural venue Tolhuistuin. The venue was struggling with some barriers, for example a required permit to be able to have Paradiso book noisy bands in their garden. This inspired us to take some action, and to get started working in the virtual space. Zo niet, dan toch (If not, then anyway). And not just one project, but a whole festival.

Zo niet, dan toch consists of existing projects that already take place in the virtual space, complemented by new projects specifically created for this festival. Many projects use Augmented Reality (AR) and GPS. Because we have all these tools available through the smartphone, use existing projects and the free public space, the festival can remain small in organization.


Access to “Zo niet, dan toch” festival on 7th September is free!

The information point at the Tolhuisweg 5 helps you with the right settings on your mobile to be sure you experience the projects.

*Bring your headphones, charger and phone with you!*